Mahia kuia Pauline Tangiora set to receive the International Bremen Peace Award in Germany

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Rongomaiwahine kuia and league Life Member, Pauline Tangiora is no stranger to peace and hard work. The prestigious International Bremen Peace Award will be presented to her by the Schwelle Foundation in Germany, this November. The award recognises her work in New Zealand and overseas.

Connecting to Rongomaiwahine through her famous Mahia whaler great great grandfather John, “Happy Jack” Greening who married her great great grandmother Wikitoria Te Hei, Pauline has served Rongomaiwahine as one of seven negotiators in the Wairoa iwi treaty settlement. Rongomaiwahine is an iwi in it’s own right but were forced to negotiate with other Wairoa iwi. She is also affiliated to Ngati Porou, Te Aitanga a Mahaki and Ngai Tamanuhiri.

As a woman who is deeply connected to her own iwi, she has shared her knowledge with indigenous peoples all over the world, helping Australian Aborigines, indigenous peoples of the South Pacific, and the San people in the South African Kalahari. Her works of peace have included standing with indigenous people in Mexico against the army; campaigning alongside water protectors in Brazil; comforting children in Iraq, victims of chemical warfare.

Pauline is no stranger to hard work in New Zealand too. She has been a Life Member of the Mahia branch in the Tairawhiti region of the Maori Women’s Welfare League since 1986. According to Michael Neilson’s Gisborne Herald article, ‘Pauline was instrumental in getting books for prisoners into prisons’ and ‘has become increasingly concerned about the effects of Maori children who have been in state care.’ She is a mother of 14 children, with 52 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren

For more information about our awesome kuia Pauline Tangiora and the work that has led to this honour, click on the link to read Michael Neilson’s entire article in the Gisborne Herald.

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