Start a branch

When starting a new branch you will need to contact the Regional Area Representative (contact details to the right). Area Representatives are responsible for the establishment of new branches within their area and they will guide and support you through the process. Requirements to establish a branch are:

  1. A minimum of five wahine.
  2. Inaugural hui must include your Area Representative.

At the inaugural hui the following will need to be completed:

  1. Election of officers: The prospective members shall vote for the positions of Branch President, Branch Vice President, Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer.
  2. Declaration Form: The elected officers will sign the declaration form the confirms the branch is non-sectarian and non-party political. This must be witnessed by your Regional Area Representative.
  3. National Affiliation Form: The branch will complete their National Affiliation form and organise payment of fees to National Office.
  4. Regional Affiliation: The branch will complete their Regional Affiliation responsibilities as directed by their Area Representative.
  5. Minutes of you inaugural hui: The branch will complete minutes of their inaugural hui and provide a copy to their Area Representative.

When the above has been completed and the Area Representative has the required paperwork, they will pass on to our National Office.

Part of the Area Representative’s role is to guide, support and educate all branches of the League so please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions to help you through your journey as a new branch.

Aotea Area Rep

Charmaine Sarten

Ikaroa Area Rep

Ronda Pahau

Tainui Area Rep

Faye Blossom

Tairawhiti Area Rep

Gina Chaffey-Aupouri

Tamaki Makaurau Area Rep

Denise Ewe

Te Taitokerau Area Rep

Rayna Tuhimata

Te Waipounamu Area Rep

Susan Wallace

Waiariki Area Rep

Traci Houpapa