Te rapu i te awhina ki te mahi (taero / waipiro)

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Whanau Ora, Hapu Ora, Hapori Ora ka ora ai te Iwi” (when whanau, hapu and community are well the iwi will thrive)


Resources for Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse is serious. It can affect your physical health, state of mind, relationships and finances and our whanau. It can put you in legal trouble.

Click on the link below.

Alcohol and drug abuse

Where to go for help
Who to contact: in an emergency, everyday medical advice, mental health help.

Alcohol Drug Helpline
0800 787 797

Healthpoint Services Directory

Help with alcohol and drug problems
Want to help others?

Matua Raki
A useful website if you’re considering a career in helping people with addictions, or want to improve your skills in addiction treatment.


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