A matou moemoea: Whaia te iti kahurangi i runga i te tika, te pono me te aroha
A matou ahunga: Te whakamanawa me te whakamana i nga wahine Maori me o ratou whanau

Our vision: Pursue excellence with truth, honour and compassion
Our mission: To inspire and enable wahine Maori and their whanau

Maori Women's Welfare League

A matou whakanui:

1The main object of the League is to provide and promote transformational leadership amongst Maori women and their whanau.

2To effectively participate in the holistic health of Maori, including the spiritual, social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing of their whanau and communities.

3To uphold the mana of tamariki, through a commitment to uplift te mana o te tamaiti.

4To participate in promoting life-long education and training.

5To participate in the economic development for Maori and their communities.

6To participate in the creation of employment and the establishment of businesses for Maori women and their whanau.

7To support and advocate for the revitalisation of Te Reo Maori.

8To revive, preserve and maintain the teaching of Maori arts and crafts and Te Reo Maori to perpetuate the ethics of Tikanga Maori.

9To assist in the rehabilitation of offenders and take appropriate action to assist the victims of crime.

10To promote understanding between all women.

A matou whainga:

To affect positive change for wahine Maori and their whanau.

To be a strong and unified National organisation.

To be a sustainable organisation now and into the future.

To be the “go to” organisation for Maori.

A matou rautaki:


  • To build capacity and capability of our membership – the foundation of our organisation.
  • To encourage and support all members with heir journey in our organisation.
  • To use our collective strength to create opportunities for our members and branches.
  • To demonstrate and deliver the core values of Tatau Tatau.

Mahi Tahi

  • To ensure Government is accountable in addressing the needs of wahine Maori and their whanau.
  • o advocate for wahine Maori and their whanau at all levels throughout New Zealand.
  • To drive effective change within communities across New Zealand through the strength of our branches.

  • To provide community based services to empower wahine Maori and their whanau.


  • To maintain, manage and demonstrate compliance our obligations for our organisation.

  • To ensure policies are set to provide appropriate controls and management of our organisation.
  • To provide support to deliver the strategies and plans of our organisation.

  • To provide support and administration to branches and regions.